Story by Verna Stutzman

 Roses are red…

 Cedar Hill, Texas
Feb 5, 2001

 When I walked into my house this past Friday night at 11pm after being gone for a month, there was a bouquet of a dozen red roses on my dining room table. Yes, my husband missed me so much that he bought me roses. I can’t remember when he’s ever done that before. I guess I should go away more often!!!

The flight from Brisbane to LA, through Auckland was a really good flight for me. Even though I didn’t sleep at all, the 16 hour flight seemed to go very fast and I didn’t experience any anxiety at all. Thank you for praying.

We had 21 Bible translators in the LinguaLinks course, which represents 14 different Bible translation projects. I massaged, manipulated and imported vernacular bilingual dictionaries into the LinguaLinks software program for 7 different translation projects. In addition to the technical assistance I was able to give the translators, the Lord also gave me opportunities to minister to people spiritually and He gave me countless opportunities to connect people together with each other and with great ideas. I praise the Lord for this opportunity to serve Him in this way. Thank you for your part in making this possible.

PS Friday morning before I caught the plane for home, we went to the Brisbane woolshed, where we watched sheep being sheared and I got to pet the kangaroos.