Robert and Verna are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, Wycliffe Canada, Wycliffe USA and SIL International, working out of the International Linguistics Center (video) in Dallas, Texas.

Currently, Robert is editing the Exegetical Series for the Old Testament. He has finished An Exegetical Summary of Acts 1-14 and  An Exegetical Summary of Acts 15-28 and they are available of Amazon as Print-on-Demand books. Previously, he authored An Exegetical Summary of Galatians. He has also worked as an editor for the Translator’s Notes Series.

Verna is the International SIL Coordinator for Dictionary & Lexicography Services. Verna oversees the Rapid Word Collection strategy which employs a systematic method to capture words in a workshop setting organized in the language community. She is also tasked with promoting the publication of multi-lingual dictionaries, primarily online at Webonary.org.

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Wycliffe personnel are not salaried, so the Stutzmans look to their Heavenly Father to provide sponsors in the church community to meet their living and ministry expenses.


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