Story by Verna Stutzman

Grilled kangaroo steak

 Kangaroo Ground, Australia
Jan 8, 2001

¬†I didn’t know that people actually eat kangaroo meat, but there it was on the menu. It wasn’t the most exciting thing on the menu, but I thought I must take this opportunity to try it, since I may never have the chance again. So I ordered it. The meat has a very sweet taste and it was quite tender. Eating it with the chutney sauce made it even better.

Jenni and Janet, two single ladies that Robert and I stayed with five and one-half years ago when we were in Melbourne, took me out to a quaint country pub for ‘tea’ tonight. ‘Tea’ is what Australians call the evening meal. We had a good time catching up on everything that’s been happening in each of our lives in the past five years.

My chapel talk was very well received this morning and although I had a dreadful cold, the Lord kept me from having a coughing fit during my talk.

My software presentation this afternoon went equally well. Again, I know it was the mercy of the Lord that kept my throat operating smoothing. Thanks for praying.

It’s time for me to ‘hit the sack’ since I have to get up at 3:45 am to catch at 6:05 am flight to Cairns. Then we’ll catch a connecting flight to Port Moresby tomorrow afternoon. We’ll overnight in a Missionary Guest House in Port Moresby tomorrow night and then fly up to Ukarumpa the following day.